\\|diˌstrā|nē, də̇|s-\ noun (-s)
Etymology: distrain + -ee
: one who is distrained

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  • distrainee — [dis΄trān ē′] n. 〚 DISTRAIN + EE1〛 a person whose property has been distrained * * * dis·train·ee (dĭs trā nēʹ) n. Law One that has been distrained …   Universalium

  • distrainee — [dis΄trān ē′] n. [ DISTRAIN + EE1] a person whose property has been distrained …   English World dictionary

  • distrainee — dis·train·ee || ‚dɪstreɪ niː n. person whose property has been taken to pay debts …   English contemporary dictionary

  • distrainee — dis·train·ee …   English syllables

  • distrain — distrainable, adj. distrainee, n. distrainment, n. distrainor, distrainer, n. /di strayn /, Law. v.t. 1. to constrain by seizing and holding goods, etc., in pledge for rent, damages, etc., or in order to …   Universalium

  • distrain — v.intr. Law (usu. foll. by upon) impose distraint (on a person, goods, etc.). Derivatives: distrainee n. distrainer n. distrainment n. distrainor n. Etymology: ME f. OF destreindre f. L distringere (as DIS , stringere strict draw tight) …   Useful english dictionary

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